Media Profile

Launching world’s first IoT LPWAN global standard – Cambridge, UK 2013

Leading the Field of Thought Leaders and IoT Speakers

To date, Matthew has made over 100 public appearances speaking about the IoT. He has spoken to audiences (ranging from G8 Premiers through to budding entrepreneurs) in multitudes of territories across the world. He is widely recognized as a unique, inspiring and popular – thought leader, keynote speaker and panelist.

Matthew has a unique view on how society can meet the challenges of today and transform itself to become an environmentally focused, innovation driven and collaboration-centric economy where government, the private sector, academia and citizens thrive in partnership. IoT is an important piece of that enabling force for societal and economic transformation where education of all stakeholders in society is imperative, encouraging their participation.

Matthew does not simply talk about IoT and how it can positively impact the world both environmentally and economically, he also offers solutions and open source templates for locales to leverage to build the right thriving society for their locale. These are being used right now!

Drawing from over 30 years in the technology industry, combined with many years of deep research on global challenges, he provides unique depth and insight, furnishing audiences with cutting edge but practical guidance on how to participate and thrive – leveraging the IoT.

Matthew’s keynotes are unique, he provides a global view of the latest IoT based initiatives, he shares open source innovation and technology cluster models (that are being successfully used by organizations), as well as outlining strategies for locales to collaborate and build in partnership a sustainable thriving economy – leveraging the IoT.

Matthew can talk in depth about a vast range of topics from global issues such as Climate Change, Food Security, Smart Cities, Resilient Communities, Healthcare, New Technology Cluster Models, Data Privacy and Ownership and Economic Models, Private sector Leadership and Cultural models, as well as a new IoT investment phenomenon called Impact Investing. Moreover, Matthew is able to dive into detail and is more than able to discuss specific IoT markets such as Smart Ag, Industrial IoT, Smart Grid, Smart Transport, Connected Car, Smart Cities etc, including discussing specific IoT topics such as Blockchain, LPWANs, Machines, Automation and even how to successfully build an IoT business.

Much more content is to be added to this page highlighting media appearances on TV, Radio, Keynotes, panels, events, online press and journals. Please bear with me as this content is added. Many thanks, Matthew.