Building Smart Cities "Mindfully"

Building Smart Cities - Mindfully

IHS predicts that there will be 88 Smart Cities by 2023. It could be many more.

Why are Smart Cities an imperative innovation?  How can locales create a blueprint and build the right version for their Smart City? How can locales thrive and meet the challenges of today and tomorrow whilst generating sustainable, environmental and innovation centric economies?

These are the questions this advisory paper seeks to answer by proposing four simple principles - some of which are already in deployment.

This advisory paper is relevant for all Smart City stakeholders. It is entrepreneur-centric and ideally aligned with the recent statement by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron "I want France to be a startup nation".

This paper will empower your locale to become its own entrepreneurial start-up nation and build an inclusive, multi-stakeholder,  innovation-centric and sustainable social fabric for communities to collectively work together and build their version of a successful Smart City.