Building Smart Cities "Mindfully"

Building Smart Cities - Mindfully

Launched in July 2017 from the Cambridge UK Technology Cluster

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Google Analytics indicates this whitepaper has been download by 640+ cities, 76 countries, 20 sub-continents and all 6 continents! This is one third of the world! These principles are being used across the world to build Smart Cities and Smart Regions. (regions in dark or light blue are using the principles to "build smart cities mindfully").

Global map showing the countries in which this whitepaper has been downloaded. 500 Cities are building their future mindfully.


IHS predicts that there will be 88 Smart Cities by 2025. It probably will be many more. According to Frost and Sullivan the global market size for Smart Cities will exceed $2Trillion USD by 2025.

Why are Smart Cities an imperative innovation?  How can regions create a blueprint and form an effective innovation ecosystem of regional multi-stakeholders to stimulate digital transformation and build the right version of a Smart City and Smart Region? In essence creating your own technology cluster to innovate and provision solutions for your region. How can regions thrive and meet the challenges of today and tomorrow whilst generating sustainable, environmental and innovation centric economies?

These are the questions this advisory paper seeks to answer by proposing four simple principles - which are already in deployment throughout the world. This advisory paper is relevant for all Smart City and Smart Region stakeholders. It is entrepreneur-centric and ideally aligned with the recent statement by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron "I want France to be a startup nation".

This paper will empower your city and region to become its own entrepreneurial start-up nation and build an inclusive, multi-stakeholder,  innovation-centric and sustainable social fabric for communities to collectively work together and build their version of a successful Smart City and Smart Region.

Need help in your regional transformation?  Contact Matthew for support and advice on how to invent your future and enable digital transformation successfully.

Update May 2019

These principles were used to help create the internationally recognized Colorado Smart Cities Alliance and the Colorado Open Lab.

The Colorado Smart Cities Alliance is the the US’ first state wide multi-jurisdictional and multi-stakeholder collaboration of cities, public, private, federal and education sectors.

Its purpose is based on Matthew's whitepaper “How to Build Smart Cities Mindfully” and is about Colorado stakeholders coming together to collaborate and innovate their future together. After all, it is about everyone winning not just one stakeholder.

Currently it comprises:-

  • 20 cities from across the state from rural to Colorado capital Denver
  • Private sector technology giants such as Hitachi, Arrow, DISH, Verizon, Trimble, and many others
  • Education Institutions - such as CU, DU, CSU
  • Federal Labs from the Innovation Corridor eco-system - NREL/NCAR
  • Business communities led by the CTA
  • Local governing bodies such as DRCOG
  • Colorado Dept of Transportation

Furthermore, The Colorado Open Lab - the US' first state-wide innovation eco-system dedicated to fast tracking digital transformation of cities and regions across Colorado is also based on principles outlined within this whitepaper. Expected launch Q3 2019 - 12 months after it was formally announced at the Colorado Smart Cities Symposium Sept 2018.