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I have dedicated my career to liberate innovation and the digital world (inc computing and telecoms) to become powerful allies that benefit economies, societies and our environment. I have worked with both the public and private sectors as well as pioneering and contributing to global transformations such as IoT and Smart Cities. Over the past few years, my focus has naturally moved to Artificial Intelligence. Innovation eco-systems are another passion of mine assisting nations, regions and businesses to advance into their future.
My work has resulted in global and regional impact and I am widely respected across the world as a maven to enable digital and economic transformation. I am known to “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk”. Please read my biography below for more information.
I have fresh and unique perspectives to successfully advance our digital future. After waiting patiently for technology and the digital world to attain a certain level of maturity, my next contribution is to advance our world view and create a winning and evolutionary partnership with Ethics, Data and Artificial Intelligence.
After years of planning, I am thrilled to announce my book titled “ Inventing World 3.0 – Evolutionary Ethics for Artificial Intelligence™ ”. This is the playbook to guide government, business and innovators to advance a winning partnership with Artificial Intelligence. This book enables humanity to make a quantum leap to shape its own destiny and that of an emerging intelligence. The result is the forging of a powerful partnership between humans and machines to advance our economies, society and our environment into a flourishing and evolutionary future – World 3.0 – the new Golden Age for humankind. Evolutionary Ethics for Artificial Intelligence™ are a world first and a new philosophy for humankind and Artificial Intelligence.( You can purchase the book on many platforms in e-book and paperback formats. I recommend that you find out more about the book by clicking here.
Based on the book, I have announced AIEthics.World – advanced leadership in Artificial Intelligence to stimulate innovation and deployment of Artificial Intelligence at scale using Evolutionary Ethics for Artificial Intelligence ™. These advanced Data Ethics, AI Ethics and AI frameworks, certification and innovation models are state of the art. Our business provides an innovation academy and consulting services for the private and public sectors in AI, Data Ethics and AI Ethics – for more details visit AIEthics.World.
When it comes to developing and scaling innovation or business initiatives, digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Cities, my track record and unique mindset set me apart from the crowd. I foster conscious leadership, original thinking and empowerment with people I work with. Governments, business and organisations can hire me as an advisor, board member, consultant or speaker. Please reach out to me at and please do check out AIEthics.World.
I look forward to us creating value together,
Matthew James Bailey

Announcing New Book on Artificial Intelligence

I am delighted to announce my first book on Artificial Intelligence. “INVENTING WORLD 3.0 – Evolutionary Ethics for Artificial Intelligence ™”.
You can discover more about the book and purchase it in many formats – ebook and paperback – Click Here. You can find out about the thrilling future of AI and AI Ethics at AIEthics.World.
Inventing World 3.0 describes a new story and philosophy for humanity and Artificial Intelligence. It reveals how we can build a New Golden Age for Humankind. It explains how society can mindfully head towards an ethical, purposeful and benefical Singularity between humans and machines.
Success requires us to define a new field in artificial intelligence and its ethics, termed – Evolutionary Ethics for Artificial Intelligence ™. In this world reality, humans and artificial intelligence have become powerful allies and evolutionary partners. This comprehensive guide explains how to build an ethical and global foundation for the digital world, one that liberates humanity from the challenges of today into a New Tomorrow. In this future AI honours our cultures, beliefs, values, sovereignty, diversity and our environment.
Evolutionary Ethics for Artificial Intelligence ™ is a recommended guide for every nation and organisation to mindfully advance into their future – World 3.0 – The Golden Age for Humankind . This book has also been written to equip every citizen to participate in shaping the future of AI.
Head to our YouTube Channel. to see more videos. The buttons at the top of the page link to some great videos on the future of AI and World 3.0.
Enjoy a 10 minute video explaining a – New Vision for our World . Why not pop over to the book page – to find out more.

Recent news about Matthew’s work

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller
For the majority of 2020 and going into 2021, I have been busy writing the book – Inventing World 3.0 as well as advising government and business on innovation and Covid-19 strategies. I am passionate about public speaking and regularly featured on podcasts, videos as well as international events. You can find out more at my new website at AIEthics.World or click on the “Podcasts and Media” button at the top of the page.
Advise the US government and G7 representatives on an Artificial Intelligence Strategy for the United States of America; ** Advise the USA DHS S&T to stimulate national innovation and transition of the United State of America beyond COVID-19; ** Agree to become the Global Ambassador for an Artificial Intelligence Innovation District that is part of a USD 2 Billion community-owned sustainable city. (The Innovation District will serve the East and Central African region of 400 million people with the next generation of Artificial Intelligence and Data Services for Smart Healthcare – Smart Cities – Smart Agriculture); ** Join the board of a European start-up in Artificial Intelligence – Smarter AI; ** Agree to become the Co-Chairman for a Smart Region Initiative to serve the US state of Alaksa; ** Agree to become the Executive Director of AI for a US-based company provisioning Supercomputing, Trusted Data Infrastructure for the next generation of AI to serve society, cities and space. ** Featured on an international news site predicting trends that will determine Smart Cities in 2025. ** Continue to provide consulting and strategic advice to the private and public sectors on their innovation and market strategy – AI and Smart Cities.
I am currently being featured as a speaker at many international events discussing the future of Artificial Intelligence and AI Ethics – find out more at AIEthics.World **  Scheduled to speak at CES 2021 with the the US DHS S&T – Cancelled due to US administration change. ** Scheduled to speak to a U.S. coalition of fiber network and data center providers on Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin and Smart Cities Q3 2021. ** Spoke on Artificial Intelligence and the United Nations Sustainability Developments Goals as part of UN Climate Action Week 2019; ** Spoke on Smart Cities and Innovation at the Energy Africa Conference; ** Scheduled to speak at SXSW with the Deputy Under Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology on Smart Communities and Artificial Intelligence – Cancelled due to Covid-19.


US Leadership in Artificial Intelligence

Matthew has partnered with The Global City Teams Challenge to provide US leadership in Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputing Modeling for Smart Cities and Smart Regions
Announced July 2019 in Washington DC – find out more
Its capability and purpose are to fast track digital, social, environmental and economic transformation of cities and regions within the United States and abroad. Investors and collaborators, please contact me.
Watch a short video – Should Human Existance be extended by an Artificial Intelligence Enabled World?

Matthew James Bailey an internationally recognised global leader and influencer.

Matthew is widely respected across the world on how to invent the future. He has a unique track record of assisting organisations in their transformation.

March 2021 – Horasis Extraordinary Meeting on the USA. I will be forecasting what the United States of America will look like in 2035. How will this future be determined by its approach to Artificial Intelligence and other socio-economic-policatal factors? Presented to global, national and US administration.

Enoyed talking about innovation and the future of society with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc.

Announcing the first Global IoT LPWAN Open Standard using TV Whitespace (Weightless) — which put pressure on 3GPP to develop new global IoT wireless standards – NB-IoT and CAT-M

Matthew James Bailey is an internationally recognised pioneer and authority in the Internet of Things, Innovation, Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence. His extraordinary leadership is widely acknowledged throughout governments and the private sector. He is a sought-after advisor and keynote speaker. Bailey has been privileged to meet famous global leaders such as Steve Wozniak, innovation and technology; Sir David Attenborough, the environment; Professor Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist and cosmologist; in addition to prime ministers, ministers, under secretaries of G7 Countries, and many more.

Bailey has been classified by the US government as “A Person of Extraordinary Ability” (self-sponsored) for his global and influential work in the Internet of Things (IoT) and innovation. This elite and prestigious recognition is only awarded to those who have attained an exceptional level of achievement in their field of expertise i.e. one of that small percentage who have risen to the very top of the field of endeavour. He has also been a World Technology Network award nominee. Previous winners have included such visionaries as Elon Musk, Sir Tim Berners Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web), and former US Vice President Al Gore.

Bailey operates at the intersection of innovation and leading edge technologies to enable positive economic, social, and environmental change. His vision for society, guiding innovation, and technologies that advance humanity into its future (what he terms World 3.0) has inspired governments, business and citizens. He has participated in discussions with the United States’ government, as well as the United Kingdom on domestic and global strategies to position their nation as a prominent leader in the fields of innovation, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Smart Cities.

Bailey’s commitment to working for the advancement of global society has influenced organisations and territories in their partnership with the digital world. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies in computing and telecoms. He has advised national and regional governments, worked with economic development agencies, and contributed in the success of global wireless and edge computing standards bodies. International and national investors have sought his advice as have entrepreneurs and startups in a number of countries. With a passion for education, he has guided international educational organisations and been a guest lecturer at Cambridge University.

With an ambition to advance regional transformation, Bailey was commissioned by the Premier of Alberta to assist in the progression of the Province of Alberta, Canada, as a board member of the Alberta Research and Innovation Authority. He catalysed transformation of the state of Colorado as a co-founder of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, the first state-wide alliance in the United States, and a Smart City Innovation Centre to serve state-wide transformation. In 2016, he wrote a Whitepaper outlining innovation and technology cluster principles. This paper, titled “How to Build Smart Cities Mindfully”, has set the standard for Smart Cities around the world.

Originally from England, Matthew James Bailey currently lives in the United States where he enjoys writing and consulting globally with clients in the public and private sectors. Following publication of his book – Inventing World 3.0 – he founded AIEthics.World. He is co-chair of an Artificial Intelligence-Smart City-Super Computing Cluster and also a Smart Region Data Hub Initiative that are part of the Global City Teams Challenge. He is the Global Ambassador for an Artificial Intelligence Innovation District for a Medical Technology City in Mwale, Kenya; serves on the board of a European Artificial Intelligence startup – Smarter.AI; Executive Director of AI for a US company provisioning Supercomputing and Trusted Data Infrastructure to enable Artificial Intelligence to serve Society, Cities and Space.

Bailey is known as an energetic and inspiring communicator. He is regularly featured as a keynote speaker around the world at both public and private events. He has shared his ideas in radio interviews, through the press, in podcasts and on online media.

Global City Teams Challenge. With Deputy Under Secretary (Acting) for Science and Technology – Andre Henz; Smart City Mayor – Eugene Grant; Office of the Queens Borough President – Rhonda Bhinda. Announced US leadership in Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities and Regions.

Denver, CO 2018 — Talking about Innovation and Smart Cities. Shortly after the launch of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance and just before thre launch of a Smart City Innovation Centre

Cambridge, UK 2013 — International event discussing how to enable societal impact in the world. This gave birth to the “Impact Phenomenon” framework – successfuly used to develop region-wide innovation eco-systems.