Matthew is an internationally recognized maven for The Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities

"Helping governments and businesses to transition and thrive in the third wave of global innovation"

Meet Matthew

“Media interview on IoT and its impact on society”

“Launching the first IoT LPWAN open standard”

Matthew has received wide public recognition for international achievements and pioneering impact in the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

As an IoT Maven, Matthew has been a catalyst for the IoT revolution in many international territories. He has been recognized by the US government as a person of “Extraordinary Ability” and 2015 Worldwide Technology Network award nominee.

Matthew’s track record, knowledge and global reaching business/governmental relationships places him in the top tier of strategists to catalyze and help transform organizations to participate and thrive in the IoT revolution.

He was first to introduce the UK Prime Minister and other governments to the IoT. One of Matthew’s current appointments is an expert advisor to the government of Alberta aiding their economic transformation. He advises on policy, innovation and how to leverage the IoT to stimulate regional growth in Smart Cities and Smart Ag.

Furthermore, leveraging his global network and with “big picture” leadership, Matthew helps clients across the world such as Fortune 500 companies, investors and economic development agencies aiding in their transformation to become a thriving force in the IoT. Matthew also shapes strategies for locales (city, state, national) that stimulate growth towards a participative and inclusive economy. Whether it be Smart City, Smart Region or Smart Ag, Innovation Ecosystems, locales are equipped with strategies and templates that leverage their unique strengths to deliver the right version of their thriving economy.

Matthew is not just an IoT Maven. He has a global vision and as such has proposed a series of“practical blueprints” that empower societies to transform into their next natural stage of evolution enabling locales to create a sustainable, intelligence driven, innovation-centric and thriving future between living things, economies and the environment. These templates are being used today.

Matthew leads the field of IoT speakers and educators, regularly giving keynotes, seminars and thought leadership in the media (TV, Radio, Press, Online) – Europe, North America, AustralAsia.

Majority of his international career has been based from the world leading technology cluster, Cambridge, UK.

He currently lives in Colorado, USA, a base from which he enjoys nature, writes and supports clients.

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