Matthew James Bailey is an internationally recognized maven for The Internet of Things (IoT), Innovation, Smart Cities...and now Artificial Intelligence

"Fast tracking governments, businesses and territories in their digital transformation using the new wave of global innovation"

Artificial Intelligence Announcements

Inline with a vision to mindfully enable digital transformation for society, Matthew has partnered with Innovation Corridor, to create a Supercomputing Modeling and Artificial Intelligence Cluster for Smart Cities and Smart Regions
To be officially launched on July 10-12 in Washington DC
Based from Colorado, this “first-of-its-kind” technology cluster provides US national leadership in Artificial Intelligence.
Its capability and purpose is to fast track digital, social, environmental and economic transformation of regions within the United States and abroad. (more information will be shared after the public announcement)
The cluster partners with NIST, NTIA, DHS (Science and Technology) and has been included within the US federal program – Global City Teams Challenge
Matthew is writing a book titled “Mindfully Building an Artificial Intelligence Enabled Society“. Read the synopsis.


Meet Matthew

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“Launching the first Global IoT LPWAN Open Standard” from which resulted new Global wireless standards – NB-IoT and CAT-M


“Talking about innovation and the future of society with Steve Wozniak”
Talking about Innovation and Smart Cities with City and County of Denver stakeholders

Introduction to Matthew

Matthew James Bailey is a pioneer, seasoned executive, entrepreneur and internationally recognized authority on the “Internet of Things” (IoT), Smart Cities and Innovation.

Matthew has received wide public recognition for international achievements and has been a catalyst for the IoT/Smart City revolution in many territories. Twice, he has been recognized by the US government as a person of “Extraordinary Ability” and is a 2015 Worldwide Technology Network award nominee – previous winners Elon Musk and Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Matthew has a global and regional vision for IoT, Smart Cities, Innovation and future societal systems. He is considered an IoT/Smart City Maven and renowned strategist. Matthew excels at “guiding” organizations in their innovation and digital transformation strategy. He has a unique track record at enabling impact and commercial growth in the IoT and Smart City revolutions. He has worked with Fortune 500 technology companies, governments, economic development agencies, wireless and edge computing standards bodies, investors and start-ups

Matthew introduced the UK Prime Minister and G7 governments to the IoT. He has 30 years experience in high-technology industries. He served on the board of ARIAC – elite strategists advising the government of Alberta on policy, innovation and economic transformation. The province just announced a new cluster for Artificial Intelligence as part of a Canadian-wide national innovation strategy. Recently, Matthew developed a global Smart Cities business for a Fortune #109 technology company

Matthew is considered a savant at strategy, innovation, marketing, communicating messages to audiences, driving business growth and enabling territorial economic transformation. He is a proven large scale eco-system and alliance builder. Matthew helped re-shape innovation for the state of Colorado. He envisioned and co-founded the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, authored the thesis and raised funds for the Colorado Open Lab – a state-wide innovation eco-system to provision solutions for city and regional challenges. Both are first of their kinds in the USA.

Matthew is not just an IoT/Smart City Maven, he also  is an innovation eco-system specialist helping to shape strategies for territories to stimulate growth and fast track digital transformation towards a participative and inclusive economy. Whether it be IoT, AI, Smart City, Smart Region or large scale Innovation Ecosystems. Territories are equipped with strategies and templates that leverage their unique strengths to deliver the right version of their thriving economy. As such, his latest whitepaper “How to Build Smart Cities Mindfully” proposed a series of four principles for territories to take leadership and develop their vision for a Smart City and Smart Region.

These principles are being used today across the world. To date, this whitepaper has been downloaded by nearly 500 cities in 58 countries located in 20 sub-continents.

Matthew enjoys public speaking and leads the field of inspiring speakers on IoT, AI, Smart Cities, Innovation and the future of society. To date he has spoken at over 200+ public engagements.

For most of his career, Matthew operated from the renowned technology cluster, Cambridge UK.  He now lives in Colorado, USA where he operates globally in business. 


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